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Rewilding Forests and Watersheds



As a land holder or community member, you share a sacred kinship with the natural world in all its splendor.  You love the diversity of plants (from Little Bluestem to Staghorn Sumac) and animals (from Red-tailed Hawk to Bobcat).  You also know that nothing wounds nature more than being chopped into isolated parts by roads, suburban sprawl, and industrial farming.

What to do?

Rewilding restores the marriage of biology and beauty.

Rewilding regenerates forests and watersheds.

At Greene Engineering and Watershed Artisans, we craft solutions for healing our biodiverse environment.  We encourage animal foraging, migration, breeding and dispersal by restoring broken landscape corridors.

But we’re not naive sentimentalists.  We understand that farmers and other land holders have bills to pay.  They also want to sleep with a clean conscience.  So, we design and build economical and beneficial countrysides and landscapes to revive ecological diversity and resilience in our forests and watersheds.

Join us as we reconnect, re-engage, and re-create natural processes so that people and wildlife can thrive together!

Rewilding Forests and Watersheds

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