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“Behold my brothers and sisters, the Spring has come: the Earth has received the embraces of the sun and we shall soon see the results of that love!  Every seed has awakened and so has all animal life.  It is through this mysterious power that we too have our have our being and we therefore yield to our neighbors, even our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves to inhabit this land.”  Tatnka Iyotake, Chief Sitting Bull, Lakota Holy Man and Elder.
Rewilding:  Watershed reintroduction of a plant or animal species and especially a keystone species or apex predator (such as the lynx) into a habitat from which it has disappeared because of habitat destruction in an effort to increase biodiversity and revive an ecosystem.
Greene Engineering crafts solutions for restoring broken landscape corridors.
We design cost-effective and beneficial novel ecosystems to revive diversity and resilience in our forests and watersheds.
Join us as we re-engage natural processes that encourage people and wilderness to thrive!

Energize Forests and Watersheds

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